Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mike Filsaime Internet Super Affiliate leaving Marketing?

 Mike Filsaime, renowned Internet marketing Guru, is moving away from Marketing his signature brands that put him on the map and moving on to greener pastures.  He will no longer be actively promoting Viral Friend Finder, The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript and Power Link Generator.  In his last major marketing move, Mike Filsaime bares all in a revealing story of his humble beginnings.  He tells of how he quit his job, almost went bankrupt and lost his wife's engagement ring to name a few of the events that occurred early on.  The realization that even the top marketers in our industry walked the same path as everyone else is inspirational.  The viewer who watches the 45 minute video leaves with the knowledge that they too can find the success Mike Filsaime has and the three products on the house. 

In the video, Mike Filsaime offers the average marketer a way to build their own affiliate business by selling the ultimate resale rights package.  Not only do you gain the resale rights, but you have the ability to: 
Unlimited Private Use 
Can put your name on the sales page/thank you page 
Sales copy can be edited and changed. 
Can be used as your own product 
Can be packaged with other paid products 
Can be added to membership sites 
Customize The Software 
Upgrade The Software 
Update The Software 
Change The Graphics 
Change The Name Of The Product 
All the videos 
All the sales copy 

In other words, Mike is giving you his marketing business to build your own Affiliates with and profit from it.  He's passing you the baton with all the tools necessary to succeed.  This is an unprecedented offer is expiring very soon. 

Mike Filsaime is now moving on to service oriented businesses with his PayDotCom affiliate management site and PayPeopleOnline site.  Both help the top affiliate manage their business from payment tracking, 1099 forms and protecting you and your business by obtaining the vital information necessary in advance at tax time. 

We wish Mike good luck in his new ventures and a heart felt thank you for the gift he is offering the average independent Internet Marketer. 

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