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Nopalea - by Trivita - 2 Years In The Making

Can Nopalea Help You Protect Against Premature Aging

Nopalea prevents premature aging

Is inflammation the culprit in premature aging and can Nopalea help?

"Wrinkled sagging skin is not the inevitable result of growing older. It's a disease, and you can fight it."

So says Dr. Nicholas Perricone, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale medical school.


Who is Dr. Perricone? He is the author of best-selling books, The Wrinkle Cure: Unlock the Power of Cosmeceuticals for Supple, Youthful Skin and The Perricone Prescription: A Physician's 28-Day Program for Total Body and Face Rejuvenation. Dr. Perricone goes on to state that aging skin is

"The natural consequence of long-term inflammation. Since we have the knowledge and the means to decrease that inflammation, then we can alter that process."

How did Dr. Perricone make the connections between inflammation and aging skin?

When studying dermatology, Dr Perricone had to look under the microscope at all skin diseases and noticed that aging skin always had inflammation. He thought, Inflammation is at the basis of diseases; thus Dr Perricone's thinking is that it is at the basis of aging. So he started looking at possible strategies for treating inflammation.

"In my practice, when patients came in and they had a problem, I treated them with the traditional medicine, but I also treated them on a nutritional level and with ways to decrease inflammation. They always had a better outcome than when using traditional medicine alone".

There are many things that contribute to premature aging, including:

  • Excess exposure to the sun
  • A poor diet
  • Stress
  • Inactivity

The most common contributors, however, are inflammation, muscle and joint pain and poor circulation.

Since Nopalea targets inflammation, aids detoxification and optimizes cell health, it can help slow down the process of premature aging.

Daily servings of Nopalea will provide you with the betalains that put reduce inflammation and rescue cells under attack by free radicals. Betalains, the class of antioxidants where all 24 betalains are found in Nopalea, act to clean up the damaged and dead cells in order to help protect them from becoming a target for disease. Betalains help you restore your body's health at the cellular level while helping your body reduce inflammation and support the miracle of homeostasis. Remember, premature aging is about losing more cells than we replace. Healthy aging is about closing the gap between loss of our cells and repair or replacement of our cells as directed by homeostasis and fueled by nutrients. To take control of your health and protect against premature aging, follow these simple recommendations: 1. Take your supplements:

2. Drink Nopalea to help your body ease inflammation.

Nopalea is your partner in wellness. Try a bottle today and take the Nopalea wellness challenge. Give your body the answer to the never-ending quest for good health.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

How Inflammation Occurs in the Body and How It Can Go Terribly Wrong

How Inflammation Occurs in the Body and When it Goes Terribly Wrong.

How Inflammation Works
Researchers believe that the same system that causes inflammation around a wound
can, when the response becomes chronic, play an important role in a broad range
of illnesses, from heart disease to Alzheimer's.  Here is a very simplified, and
much magnified, look at the basic mechanism.

A splinter slices through the skin, damaging cells and allowing bacteria and other
pathogens into the body.  In the world in which our bodies evolved, pain almost
always signaled a microbial invasion.

A Body's Cry For Help
Mast cells release histamine and cytokines, which alert the body that something
is wrong.  Tiny blood vessels respond by developing leaks that allow other
immune cells to rush to the field of battle.

The Counterattack
Even before reinforcements arrive, prestationed macrophages start attacking
bacteria and damaged cells, using toxic chemicals like nitric oxide.

The Inner Battle
Specialized immune cells migrate to the wound.  Neutrophils engulf and destroy
bacteria and damaged tissue, more macrophages appear, and lymphocytes intensify
the immune system's repower.

The Healing
As the pathogens are eliminated, a new series of molecular messengers signals
victory.  A group of irregularly shaped cells called platelets, along with other
substances, forms clots and closes the wound.

How Inflammation Goes Wrong
If the inflammatory flares refuse to die down or are up for prolonged periods,
permanent damage may result.

Continuous Activation can occur.  
A long running, low grade infection, like gum disease, may keep immune cells
flared up, or there may be a breakdown in the complex series of checks and
balances that regulates the immune system.

Friendly Fire
Certain parts of the body are mistakenly selected by immune cells for attack.  
Macrophages start chewing up cholesterol deposits in the coronary arteries,
or glial cells begin destroying neurons in the brain.

Chronic Illness
The body's efforts to heal the damage it created end up only making matters

source: Time Magazine - Inflammation, The Secret Killer.
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Pathogens - An agent that causes disease, especially a living microorganism such as a bacterium or fungus.
Histamine - An important protein involved in many allergic reactions.
Cytokines - Produced predominantly by activated immune cells such as microglia and are involved in the amplification of inflammatory reactions
Macrophages - Help destroy bacteria, key players in the immune response to foreign invaders such as infectious microorganisms.
Neutrophils - A type of white blood cell, filled with neutrally-staining granules, tiny sacs of enzymes that help the cell to kill and digest microorganisms
Glial Cells - Non-neural cells that perform "housekeeper" functions such as clearing out debris and excess materials.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Trivita Nopalea Natural Anti-Inflammation Health Alternative

We often make medicine a lot more complex than it really is.  We see chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, alzheimer's as separate diseases.  However,, in reality, they are just simply different manifestations of inflammation.  We know about classic inflammation, when we feel pain, that's why you go see a Doctor.  However, we now know that there is a second type of inflammation, silent inflammation.  Silent inflammation is inflammation that goes below the perception of pain, and since there is no pain, there is nothing to stop it.  This type of inflammation can attack your organs every cell in your organs, over periods of years if not decades.  Until there is enough internal organ damage that is  called, chronic disease.

Now, how do you know if you havesilent inflammation?  There is a blood test, but if you are like me, you probably hate to take blood tests. Is there any other indication that you may have high levels of silent inflammation? There's no one factor, but there is a litany of questions you can ask, and if you can answer yes to 3 or more of these questions its quite likely you have high levels of silent inflammation. 

The first question is, Are you overweight? Well there are 2/3 of Americans right there.
Another question might be.. Are you taking cholesterol lowering drugs like statins?
Are you taking drugs for hypertension like beta blockers or diuretics?
Are you constantly groggy from wakening?
Are you constantly craving carbohydrates throughout the day?
Are you fatigued throughout the day?
Are your fingernails brittle?

If you can answer yes to 3 or more of these questions, you probably have high levels of silent inflammation.

There's no drug known to science that can reverse silent inflammation but there are natural properties in the Nopal cactus that can.  Those who have incorporated Nopalea, a natural juice derived from the whole nopal cactus, included in their diet have seen
significant reductions in silent inflammation and chronic inflammation.  Controlling that, opens up your pathway for wellness.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Revealed Crash Course

Forget The Work Trousers and Knee Pads When Looking For a Job

Affiliate marketing revealed as the most effective and powerful
ways to earn an income online.

For those unemployed, underemployed or seeking supplemental income, you
know how competitive the job market is.  The number of high quality job seekers
out there vying for the same opportunity is fierce.  It has become a "who you know"
not "what you know" situation.  Over qualified, under qualified, the right psychological
profile, behavioral analysis, for baby boomers experienced in the market place, are ill
prepared for this new view on hiring.  The standard belief that if you were qualified for
a position, you had a chance at getting your foot in the door is no longer the case.  The weeding out process has taken your nature and nurture into account.  There is no even playing field anymore.  Just the whim of the interviewer and an assessment test.  How you rate on a test means more than your known ability to do the job.  

Frustrating isn't it.

Let me tell you that you are talented, smart, capable and have the ability to succeed.  I was in your shoes.  I've walked that long walk of doubt.  I discovered, that the Internet provided a huge revenue source.  That all my training and skills could be put to the test.  I went into business for myself.  I am an affiliate marketer.

There are many who already are aware of how powerful and lucrative affiliate marketing is.  It is indeed one of the most powerful ways to earn an income online.  Why?  There is no overhead, no product to ship, no trouble shooting, no head aches.  Affiliate marketing is a  way to conduct sales online as a representative who gets paid a commission to market and promote someone who produces, manufactures, or distributes a product or service.  That is the short answer.  For anyone with a sales background, this is a no brainer.

If you are confident in your ability to promote and market offline, odds are you will be successful with your skills online.  IF you understand the basics, ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

For those who do not have a good sales background, choosing the right affiliate marketing program to promote can make it easy to create and generate income online.  IF you follow some simple guidelines.

There  is a great free eCourse will help guide you through the basic and some advanced tactics to teach you what you need to do in order to begin generating an income with affiliate marketing.

Learn about:

*   What affiliate marketing is, plus some simple things that you can do
     to become a wildly successful affiliate marketer.

*   How to research and choose profitable affiliate programs before you
     join them, so you don't waste your valuable time and money promoting
     product that won't make you money.

*   Some very simple and proven ways that you can promote your chosen
     programs and boost your affiliate commissions, some times over night!

*   How to avoid some of the common mistakes that many affiliate marketers
     make without even realizing that they are damaging their business, so
     you don't have to learn the hard way!

*   Plus some very important things that you must do to protect your hard
     earned commissions from being stolen right out from under you.

Armed with this free information, I am confident you can begin to build your
own business and generate sales.  

You've got what it takes.  Now go use it.

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Learn To Make Your Own Professional Web Video Ads

 - An estimated 1 billion dollars will be spent on video ads in this year. By 2011, that number will climb to at least 4.3 billion dollars.

- 65% of online surfers will view video advertisements to their completion (less than 20% read "text only" sites to completion).
- 68% of people who watch online videos, will in turn, pass links for these videos onto their friends...turning them into viral traffic machines.
- the cost to have a web commercial professionally created for your site now averages between $2,000-$3000...per minute! No kidding.
Video programs by Marketing Guru's at $2000-$3000 a pop have inundated the industry and most likely your email box.
If you had a course, that taught you how to make a professional web video step by step one on one with a successful web video marketing expert wouldnt you have the best edge possible?
Web University’s exclusive video training with Dave Kaminski offers a home based course that can teach you everything you need to create professional web video ads whether you are a newbie or not.  Hosted in a virtual classroom environment, Web University will walk you step by step …through the entire process of creating dazzling web videos, getting traffic and getting paid. No worries or wasting your time…and…no confusion,  guesswork or frustration for you.
All training is 100% video based.   It’s available for both Windows and Mac user’s . It’s designed so you can learn at your own pace and on your  own schedule.   And it’s all available to you on-demand, right from your computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
For example, let’s say you want to learn the latest, proven techniques for getting traffic with web video. Web University will show you,  just  log into the virtual classroom and watch step-by-step video based lessons showing you exactly what to do (pausing, rewinding and replaying these videos as much as you want).
Or maybe you want to learn how to create powerful web videos that get viewers to take action.  No problem.  Once again, just log into the classroom and watch as Web Video University shows you exactly what to do, all step by step.
What if you have questions along the way?  No worries there either.  With just a few clicks you can receive fast answers to all of your questions…and…even personal, one-on-one coaching.
No Experience Necessary
Bottom line,
If you don’t know the first thing about web video, baffled by how it all works, or never touched a camera in your life?  Good. Then Web University’s training is perfect for you.
Web University walks you through everything, step by step.  They will tell you everything you need to know in plain English…without any confusing geek-speak.  All you have to do is watch what Web University shows you…and then repeat.   It couldn’t get any simpler.
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Easy Video Player Increase Conversions with Video Marketing

Every single principle you’ve ever been taught about internet multimedia and video marketing is about to be rendered completely useless. 

Everyone is looking for a unique software that builds your list for you, makes it easier than ever to upload video to your website and reels in autopilot profits.

Undoubtedly perhaps you have noticed the viral power of video as a marketing tool. 

If you think back to the summer, when Frank Kern re-launched his monster course Mass Control. His sales letter consisted purely of a twenty-minute video and order link saying “click here to buy now.” The result? Around $1 million in sales.

Likewise, when Mike Filsaime launched Butterfly Marketing 2.0 and more recently -The 7 Figure Code – aside from some order details a simple video did all the selling. 

So the proof really is in the pudding, that online video works like gangbusters!

But with the constant changes in technology and the way we as people communicate with each other on the web, the truth is that video marketing is NOT a choice, but a very necessary requirement when it comes to remaining competitive in your market.

To be brutally blunt: unless you’re using video marketing in your business, your competition will completely blow you out of the water.

Using Easy Video Player allows you to capture your prospects at the very moment in which they are most likely to take action, by inserting Aweber opt-in forms and order buttons INSIDE your videos.

Easy Video Player also includes a number of viral sharing features, allowing your new customers to share your video with thousands of people across the globe – maintaining the quality of your message with an opt-in form or payment button effortlessly propelling them to take targeted action.

Even if your videos look great and your sales presentation was as good as it possible could be you may be losing the sale.

Are the people watching your video responding to your call to take action?  If it’s not interactive your losing sales.  You are leaving thousands on the table by making it easy for your prospects to switch off or just click the back button in their browser window.

What if you could embed PayPal buttons and Aweber forms into your videos?

Just take a look for yourself at exactly how Easy Video Player can take your business to the next level…   Instantly and automatically send your video viewers to any website, shopping card of affiliate promotion after your video stops playing. No need to prompt your prospect to “click the link below” anymore. EVP makes it easier than ever for your customers to buy from you!

Adding a player that can be customized with interaction and immediate action can explode sales and increase profits just by embedding “buy now” buttons directly into your videos!  

Your call-to-action no longer requires your visitors to complete fifty steps.. Finally capitalize on psychology by enticing your visitor when they’re most likely to make a purchase.

Quickly and easily capture e-mail addresses and generate leads, by adding opt-in forms inside your videos. Your viral video is now a self-contained squeeze page dedicated to turbo-charging your list building for lightning-fast profits!

Easily create and protect “member only” videos with a few clicks of the mouse. Imagine thousands of dollars in lost revenue you can now avoid completely by ensuring only paid customers can gain access to exclusive content.

Publish your videos on ANY website within seconds. With just a couple of easy steps (copy and paste) you can quickly get your videos online without ever having to worry about them not working properly. Saving you time AND money.

Bottom line, you get:

    * Embed buy now buttons right into your video.

    * Virally share videos to skyrocket profits.

    * Embed opt in forms into your videos to build your lists.

    * Auto redirect videos to a cart or affiliate checkout page.

    * Integrate video serving with Amazon S3 easily.

    * Secure your members only video content easily.

    * Power audio and podcast playback on your sites quickly.

    * Easily embed videos into any site in seconds.

    * Track views, clicks, plays, opt ins and sales from your videos.

    * Plus MUCH MUCH more.

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Affiliate Landing Page Templates, Creator and Optimization Theme

Building affiliate sites can be difficult.  What you want, is to make the maximum
amount Of Affiliate Profit, while spending the least amount of time, energy, and
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Learn how to create landing pages and affiliate sites in minutes... using WordPress.
Using WordPress to create Affiliate Sites is tried and tested by incredibly successful
Affiliate Marketers.  Most affiliate marketers get off to a poor start by thinking
that they can easily build their landing page. But without the help of expert tools
and opinions, they are guaranteed little or no success.

Affiliate Theme provides you with all of the best layouts possible, all within the
most powerful content management system in existence.

The foundation of our Affiliate Theme starts with WordPress, the platform allows you
to more easily input your offers, without having to know any code.  Combine that with
the best landing pages from the top earning affiliate marketers and provide them to
you in a simple plug-and-play system with complete, personal support from Unique Blog
Designs, and you have a ready made affiliate site like the Pros.

All of Affiliate Theme's functions are easily performed within the WordPress dashboard. 
This allows you to control every aspect of your site or landing page without amy hassle
and again I repeat, no code!

The Affiliate Theme Control Options Panel allows you to change nearly every aspect of your
landing page or affiliate site, with the simple click of a button.
You get
    * Full control over graphics, and your layout! Easily change between Six different
      layouts with one click.
    * Add your offers and content easily. It's as easy as saving a Microsoft Word
    * WordPress is built with Search Engine Optimization in mind, so your pages and
      offers will be indexed and found within the major search engines!
    * There is no need to understand HTML, CSS, or any types of code! If you can use
      the internet, you can use Affiliate Theme!
    * Save your time and your money by using WordPress to manage, develop, and
      profit from your affiliate sites.

Their support is second to none you get
    * Step-by step instructions on how to use Affiliate Theme
    * A Support Forum, where you can gain knowledge from the community.
    * Podcasts from the top affiliate marketers in the game! (John Chow,
      Yaro Starak, and more!!)
    * Video Tutorials, so you can see EXACTLY how to use Affiliate Theme!
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