Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easy Video Player Increase Conversions with Video Marketing

Every single principle you’ve ever been taught about internet multimedia and video marketing is about to be rendered completely useless. 

Everyone is looking for a unique software that builds your list for you, makes it easier than ever to upload video to your website and reels in autopilot profits.

Undoubtedly perhaps you have noticed the viral power of video as a marketing tool. 

If you think back to the summer, when Frank Kern re-launched his monster course Mass Control. His sales letter consisted purely of a twenty-minute video and order link saying “click here to buy now.” The result? Around $1 million in sales.

Likewise, when Mike Filsaime launched Butterfly Marketing 2.0 and more recently -The 7 Figure Code – aside from some order details a simple video did all the selling. 

So the proof really is in the pudding, that online video works like gangbusters!

But with the constant changes in technology and the way we as people communicate with each other on the web, the truth is that video marketing is NOT a choice, but a very necessary requirement when it comes to remaining competitive in your market.

To be brutally blunt: unless you’re using video marketing in your business, your competition will completely blow you out of the water.

Using Easy Video Player allows you to capture your prospects at the very moment in which they are most likely to take action, by inserting Aweber opt-in forms and order buttons INSIDE your videos.

Easy Video Player also includes a number of viral sharing features, allowing your new customers to share your video with thousands of people across the globe – maintaining the quality of your message with an opt-in form or payment button effortlessly propelling them to take targeted action.

Even if your videos look great and your sales presentation was as good as it possible could be you may be losing the sale.

Are the people watching your video responding to your call to take action?  If it’s not interactive your losing sales.  You are leaving thousands on the table by making it easy for your prospects to switch off or just click the back button in their browser window.

What if you could embed PayPal buttons and Aweber forms into your videos?

Just take a look for yourself at exactly how Easy Video Player can take your business to the next level…   Instantly and automatically send your video viewers to any website, shopping card of affiliate promotion after your video stops playing. No need to prompt your prospect to “click the link below” anymore. EVP makes it easier than ever for your customers to buy from you!

Adding a player that can be customized with interaction and immediate action can explode sales and increase profits just by embedding “buy now” buttons directly into your videos!  

Your call-to-action no longer requires your visitors to complete fifty steps.. Finally capitalize on psychology by enticing your visitor when they’re most likely to make a purchase.

Quickly and easily capture e-mail addresses and generate leads, by adding opt-in forms inside your videos. Your viral video is now a self-contained squeeze page dedicated to turbo-charging your list building for lightning-fast profits!

Easily create and protect “member only” videos with a few clicks of the mouse. Imagine thousands of dollars in lost revenue you can now avoid completely by ensuring only paid customers can gain access to exclusive content.

Publish your videos on ANY website within seconds. With just a couple of easy steps (copy and paste) you can quickly get your videos online without ever having to worry about them not working properly. Saving you time AND money.

Bottom line, you get:

    * Embed buy now buttons right into your video.

    * Virally share videos to skyrocket profits.

    * Embed opt in forms into your videos to build your lists.

    * Auto redirect videos to a cart or affiliate checkout page.

    * Integrate video serving with Amazon S3 easily.

    * Secure your members only video content easily.

    * Power audio and podcast playback on your sites quickly.

    * Easily embed videos into any site in seconds.

    * Track views, clicks, plays, opt ins and sales from your videos.

    * Plus MUCH MUCH more.

Try Easy Video Player today go to http://www.coriewallace.com/recommends/easy-video-player and receive a 30day free membership to the IM MasterMind Club.

Easy Video Player has blown me away and the MasterMind Club has been incredibly helpful.

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