Monday, April 19, 2010

Affiliate Landing Page Templates, Creator and Optimization Theme

Building affiliate sites can be difficult.  What you want, is to make the maximum
amount Of Affiliate Profit, while spending the least amount of time, energy, and
money doing It.

Learn how to create landing pages and affiliate sites in minutes... using WordPress.
Using WordPress to create Affiliate Sites is tried and tested by incredibly successful
Affiliate Marketers.  Most affiliate marketers get off to a poor start by thinking
that they can easily build their landing page. But without the help of expert tools
and opinions, they are guaranteed little or no success.

Affiliate Theme provides you with all of the best layouts possible, all within the
most powerful content management system in existence.

The foundation of our Affiliate Theme starts with WordPress, the platform allows you
to more easily input your offers, without having to know any code.  Combine that with
the best landing pages from the top earning affiliate marketers and provide them to
you in a simple plug-and-play system with complete, personal support from Unique Blog
Designs, and you have a ready made affiliate site like the Pros.

All of Affiliate Theme's functions are easily performed within the WordPress dashboard. 
This allows you to control every aspect of your site or landing page without amy hassle
and again I repeat, no code!

The Affiliate Theme Control Options Panel allows you to change nearly every aspect of your
landing page or affiliate site, with the simple click of a button.
You get
    * Full control over graphics, and your layout! Easily change between Six different
      layouts with one click.
    * Add your offers and content easily. It's as easy as saving a Microsoft Word
    * WordPress is built with Search Engine Optimization in mind, so your pages and
      offers will be indexed and found within the major search engines!
    * There is no need to understand HTML, CSS, or any types of code! If you can use
      the internet, you can use Affiliate Theme!
    * Save your time and your money by using WordPress to manage, develop, and
      profit from your affiliate sites.

Their support is second to none you get
    * Step-by step instructions on how to use Affiliate Theme
    * A Support Forum, where you can gain knowledge from the community.
    * Podcasts from the top affiliate marketers in the game! (John Chow,
      Yaro Starak, and more!!)
    * Video Tutorials, so you can see EXACTLY how to use Affiliate Theme!
    * More than 50 pre-made header and background images for many popular offers!

I can't recommend Affiliate Theme highly enough, in fact I use it myself and your
welcome to check it out in action!

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